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Where is it? Dayboro Butter Factory, Shop 6, 38 Williams Street, Dayboro, Queensland.

Describe The Churn Room in a sentence. Bronwyn Hawkins:

A hub that encourages creative adventure and hosts a like-minded artisan community.

What goes on there? BH: Artisans create work here in a way that encourages visitors to experience their creative process! The store offers a curated range of useful, everyday items and thoughtful, quality gifts that support our artisan community. We have a workshop program that includes pottery, textile arts, coppersmithing, silversmithing, spoon-making, basket-weaving and more. We build community, share processes and ideas, and inspire each other on so many levels.

Tell us about this building. BH: The Churn Room is steeped in history. The building was built in the ’30s, and it was an active butter factory all the way through the ’60s. The thick concrete walls and original trusses were where butter-factory equipment hung. There’s also a light-filled mezzanine level that is perfect for workshops now.


What motivated you to start the business? Brian Wood: The space itself was an incredibly inspiring opportunity. Bronwyn runs The Handmade Closet next door, a bespoke linen-clothing brand. When an opportunity came to take over the adjoining space, Bronwyn bravely took the chance to promote other local artists. I run Woodside Ceramics and joined Bronwyn in the shared space. Together we strive to grow the arts in Dayboro.

What’s your favourite part about running The Churn Room? BH: The sounds of making and of conversations, and helping our fellow artisans grow their individual businesses. We love seeing our community drop by, and we are grateful we have a space that is available for them to stay a while.

Why is Dayboro worth a visit? BW: Dayboro is located in the foothills of the D’aguilar Range. It is a small, growing township with country charm less than an hour away from Brisbane’s CBD. It’s surrounded by beautiful natural countryside and national parks where you can go hiking or take a leisurely drive. Silverwood Café is a great place that’s just next door, the Dayboro Art Gallery is just over the road and the antique and rare-books store, Bohemian Décor, is worthy of a wander too. There is a genuine sense of community and pride in our town’s history.


Go for the buzzy, post-pandemic restaurant and contemporary art scene, stay for the cool outdoor summer energy

Forego the red-light district and cafés in favour of a different side to the Dutch capital: expect chic hotels, a burgeoning art scene and hip new spots to check out


A maze of 17th- and 18th-century canal houses makes up the Pulitzer Hotel (inset). The buildings might be historic, but the vibe is anything but. After two years of lockdowns, the city is determined to make up for lost time, and the bar buzzes with the sound of people having fun. At the restaurant, Jansz, ask for a window table: it’s a prime spot for watching stylish Amsterdammers going about their days.


You’re in the perfect location to explore ‘De 9 Straatjes’ – nowhere is better for vintage shopping. L’Étoile de Saint Honoré on Reestraat is the place for pre-owned luxury accessories, and Bij Ons Vintage on the same street is the go-to for denim and streetwear. If secondhand isn’t your style, the nearby Margriet Nannings outlet store offers great discounts on designers such as Comme des Garçons and Isabel Marant.


You can’t come to Amsterdam and not explore its art collections. The Van Gogh Museum and Rijkmuseum are musts, but don’t skip the Cobra Museum, which hosts exciting contemporary exhibitions (this summer, guest curator Abdelkader Benali explores modern Moroccan art). Once you’ve absorbed enough inspiration, take part in an art workshop at a canal-side studio through the hotel’s Dutch Masters programme. As make-your-own-souvenir experiences go, it’s pretty hard to beat.


Once you’ve worked up an appetite, refuel at Café-Restaurant Amsterdam (inset), which occupies a vast former pumping station. These days, the stripped-back industrial space is a casual spot where the dress code, like the décor, is utilitarianchic. Seafood is the speciality but the menu is extensive; snack on fresh herring (€4 a plate) while you decide.


Take a walk to the west of the city, where the neighbourhoods make for some of the most culturally diverse areas. Swing by the rediscovered Keith Haring mural (inset) – the largest of his paintings created in Europe – then wander through the leafy Westerpark to the Westergasfabriek, a gasworks that’s now a monumental cultural park, which also plays host to Amsterdam Fashion Week.


Not all visitors think to cross the IJ river and explore Amsterdam Noord, but the formerly run-down area has been revived and is now the place for hip locals to shop, eat and drink. The waterfront bar at the architecturally astonishing Eye Film Museum has a great location – ideal for sundowners and views back over central Amsterdam.

Cyprus Modern Art Museum exhibited in Tokat, Turkey

THE first exhibition of the Cyprus Modern Art Museum in Turkey has taken place in the northern city of Tokat.

The exhibition featured 25 works from the Lefkoşabased Near East University (NEU) Faculty of Fine Arts, with NEU Founding Rector Dr Suat Günsel in attendance at the opening of the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition was also attended by dignitaries from the city of Tokat, with Tokat Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu making a speech at the event.

He told attendees that “the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has always been a very valuable and important place for us”, before going on to speak of the sacrifices made by Turkish soldiers on the island in 1974.

Dr Günsel said in this speech that the TRNC and Turkey “are a whole”.

“Just as Cyprus is important to Turkey, Turkey is also important to Cyprus,” he said. “Our Turkey bestowed a Republic unto us by giving us life, and we as Turkish Cypriots are grateful to you.”

This beautiful collection from Bell Art features oral artworks by Australian artist Meryl Bell

Floral celebration Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

This beautiful collection from Bell Art features oral artworks by Australian artist Meryl Bell that have the look and feel of art by 17th-century Dutch Masters. e Wild ower collection is an extensive, carefully curated range of gifts, greeting cards, stationery and fragranced products. e oral design is beautifully presented and shows the artist’s deep love for native wild owers. Bell Art is proud to celebrate the artwork of Meryl Bell with these quality items, designed and manufactured in Australia.

EmaSwati master digital music space

With the world gone digital, certainly Eswatini has gone with it and it’s great to see local artists shine on these digital music platforms.

With the introduction of digital streaming, the music landscape has made a plethora for different artists streamable and accessible from all around the world.

Now more than ever, digital mu sic marketing is essential in growing an artists brand and awareness within the music and entertainment industry.

These op portunities are useful to local acts that have been making waves on these media platforms like

MBABANE – Multi-talented artist Londizwi Simelane (28) leaves no stone unturned.

The contemporary painter, design er and performing and abstract artist from )arview in 0anzini has a dy namic rhythmic way of espression.

6imelane, also known as /o[$rt has definitely grasped the meaning of change to become more modern as attitudes and fashion trends are changing.

The artist started painting at the tender age of and hasn’t stopped since. +e has an $ssociate degree in *raphic ‘esign and innovation from /imkokwing, 8niversity of &reative Technology.


With his e[traordinary vision he has mastered the art of bringing things to life. +e practices still life art, which depicts mostly inanimate subMect matter, typically common place obMects which are either nat ural (food, flowers, plants, rocks, shells, etc.) or man made (drinking glasses, books, vases, Mewellery, coins, pipes, structures etc.). +e also uses fabric painting by decorat year old /inda ‘lamini.

+ip hop sensation and internation ally renowned ‘- 6upa &’4 has flown the Eswatini flag high by taking the number si[ spot for his mi[ titled, µThe 8ntitled mi[ ’ on +earthis.


The music was released on the Day , and has seen received over one thousand views and downloads since its release. The superstar is currently sitting on this spot under the most popular category for Hip Hop.

µThe mi[ is not subMect ed to no specifics but is

A recycled dry is one of the amazing art deco collection suitable for interior and exterior, done using spray paint, acrylic and craft paints. ing material from clothing to home furnishings like pillow cases and hand bags.


Hear this is a digital musical platform that was released in April 2022 where artists can upload their songs on for people to live stream, record or download.

This platform helps artist to promote their music to a larger audience in real time. It is listed under the category, music and audio.

According to Google Play hearthis has achieved more than 357 thousand installs and has two thousand ratings with average rating value of 3.8.

They offer free download directly apk from the Google Play store and other versions that they are hosting.

Moreover no registration or login is required for downloading.

Must vibes of songs that are current ly big and other huge throwbacks,’ said the +ip +op artist.

,t was the third time for the artist to release any of his work on this platform and he has been making sure he is up there with the big boys securing the top positions each time.

The artist has also been releasing his mi[es on other digital platforms only changing the title series of the mi[es.

2ther artists who have been using the digital space are ,lla Penboy who has had releases on sound cloud for a single µTMwala %ami’.

The single was released on 0arch

, and saw the artist hitting the high ranks even getting to have a tMwala bami challenge that went viral on social media platforms like facebook.

When reached for comment 6imel ane gave a word of encouragement to aspiring artist. ³To all upcoming artists make sure you do what you love and what you represent, when the roots are strong the fruits are very sweet,´ said the artist.

+e went on to say that, also they should not shy away from planting a seed (idea) which they won’t har vest from lastly they shouldn’t give up on themselves because greatness comes within,´ 6imelane said.

6imelane has done art for local celebrities including ‘- To[ik, Eim sofly, Phelisto Wezz, Nassau and others.


This inspiration for art stems from the love of nature and is influenced by style, design, techniTue or char acter. +e also has a background of artists in his family although they do not use the same techniTues and channels.

Eimsofly who’s one of the celebrity artists from the kingdom that Simelane has designed for when reached for comment said ³/o[$rt is too dope, he’s one of a few artists , know who are customising clothing with art. +is work is perfect in my eyes and , believe we need to give respect where it’s due,´ said the rapper.

Group Show Highlights ‘Texting’ At West Midtown Gallery

The Fountain Gallery in West Midtown is presenting the group exhibition Texting curated by Suzanne Murphy. The show offers more than 30 works including drawings, paintings, and mixed media installations that all integrate the use of text in one way or another.

One of the most significant works featured is an oil pastel illustration of the late and great Nelson Mandela where his famous quote “It always seems impossible until it is done” is seen at the top. Another highlight of the show is a quirky installation by Davida Adejouma known as Theater of the Absurd where the artist presents a small, open box decorated with an arm and a leg on either side and various knick knacks on the inside depicting what one might see in a circus (i.e. a clown, a gorilla riding an elephant, etc.).

Other notable works in the show are an oil painting by Brenda Faye Collie titled Beautiful Leaf that features poetic text on a white strip of paper that reads “Beautiful leaf on the ground. Silently dying when no one is around.” Susan Baus’ drawing titled Weight of the World depicting a nude woman curled up on the ground with a literal image of the world pressing down upon her with the word “Depression” and on the ground words representing stressful world issues such as “poverty” “homelessness” or “torture” can be seen.

At The End Of The Year: Christmas Means Cultural Beauty

It is a happiness to go shopping during the Christmas season, which the Christmas decoration is one of the most beautiful traditions in history of culture. America has added Santa Claus, with many new updates including Christmas Arlekin. With traditional December snow, the Christmas warms with beauty and calls for beauty during the next year.

However, not every human embraces the beauty as ideal and everyday social practice. There are individuals who even try to make culture without even having no idea what culture is, which goal is demoralization of society, respectively debeautification of humankind. Then, producing and reproducing a beauty is an active defense of humankind today.

One of the crossroads of what is beauty is Lady Gaga in pop culture. Since beauty is a complex category, natural beauty may exist and at the same time bit by ugly personality, so the result would be ugly person. In opposite, beautiful personality and appearance can make non-natural beauty become the greatest cultural beauty. This is what Lady Gaga’s appearance has been attempting with her artistic performance, although Lady Gaga herself misses the physical attractiveness of the standard understanding of a beautiful woman. The absence of enculturated standards of cultural beauty in many creates conflicting situations and ugly situations which have surrounded Lady Gaga.

For example, Lady Gaga was sued for delay of approval of a doll with her image. However, most sensational is the absurd file of the named “artist” Orlan – a French woman with possible problems of personality identity, which she has been compensated with artistic multipersonality. Multipersonality disorder is distributed among both women and men, while as in the case of schizophrenia, cultural therapy may assist the sick person.

The behavior of Orlan in respect to Lady Gaga is absurd, so the last thing that one would guess is that she relates to academic context. The common between Lada Gaga and Orlan is absence of natural physical beauty, although the talented Lady Gaga attempted cultural beauty, while Orlan compensated absence of natural physical beauty and possible multipersonality disorder with building anti-culture of imitation which results is as ugly as the idea of imitation – Is it possible from black to make white? However, Orlan, a multipersonality French woman believes that can be transformed in Mona Liza. This is an example of dehumanization, since the human mind is a rational mind which makes difference between reality and imaginary, between truth and lie, while dehumanized homo brain would mix everything. Orlan is a case to make a dichotomy between biological homo (homo mind) and cultural homo (human mind). Then, human means enculturated homo.

The story of violent Orlan against Lady Gaga comes after an “exhibit” with participation of Orlan in Pushkin Museum in Moscow (2011), in the period of Anna Chapman crisis of Russian spy network in the USA). As it has been well known, Russians have been trying to gain a reputation in the world in weird way in the last years. Most recently, Moscow hosted an exhibit of mixed treasure of Bulgarian national wealth with private finds of Vassil Bozhkov-the Skull, which organizer was the Bulgarian communist spy Bozhidar Dimitrov, who used the status of scholar to have spied on Vatican as invited scholar inside Vatican.

Orlan looks very similar to Bozhidar Dimitrov with her drastic attempt to look “academic” and to have connections with academic world. Although it is funny to look at every Russian’s collaborator as a Russian spy in Europe and the USA, this Orlan is such well represented multipersonality and such thirsty for glory and money, that getting money from everywhere looks very natural for her multipersonality.

And here is coming a strange moment. French Orlan landed in the USA to have resided in LA and New York, NY with an academic connection – Tanya Augsburg from San Francisco State University. The name is very nice combination between typical Russian name (Tanya) and typical Jewish name Augsburg. Why was Tanya interested in Orlan is unclear, but it looks she had to make the academic stage for Orlan in the USA more like upon an order than upon a natural interest (nothing interesting in make-up artist who fights with personal complexes, searching for cultural parameters to run from natural ugliness). Most recently, this Tanya has been writing about man as object. It is Bulgarian criminal communist pseudosecurity (in fact extension of KGB) in which people have been named objects (according to published documents about Plamen Mitev, a “professor” at Sofia University).

Tanya has been an awful teacher and personality at San Francisco University. Her book even as a title is absurd in context of American education (focus on interdisciplinary), since the American education is interdisciplinary by nature and even one cannot get PhD if does not have a published work in a field which has no connections with the direct field of research. In May 2013 she was even described as a “brilliant teacher” at Rate my Professor, but now Rate my Professor is especially not protected by fraud (free access for rating), as this is a website which has been socially abusing even by professors for writing good or bad things about themselves or other people. The last “opinion” is such a contrast to all before and such professionally (no student) written, that obviously it is either a rescue action, or attempting to make a candy for the media for specific reasons. The message was posted in May, while in June 2013 Orlan had filed to sue Lady Gaga.

The people expect from art and culture to make them depart from their boring everydayness. Art is an event and more art in our life means eventness everydayness. However, not every art is really culture of beauty. The personality and products interact and create cultural ugliness or beauty as a result. In 2013 the feminist bitter violence of French Orlan, a pseudoartist-multipersonality and Russian collaborator against American Lady Gaga, a talented singer with cultural beauty, demonstrates that many so-called culture makers are in fact violent money makers without moral and ethics to be in culture at all.

Whether Orlan’s violence is just one of the signs of the invisible war (violent Orlan had asked Lady Gaga for $31 million), in one row with American Snowden and the Bulgarian psychotronic terrorists, only the time will show. It is pity that violent multipersonalities like Orlan trouble talented people without even having opportunity to be sued for violence in global culture. As it is well known the multipersonality disorder cannot be cured. Then, it can be expected other future troubles of innocent people by Orlan. The weird opinion about “Dr” Augsburg at Rate my Professor including the fact that again Guardian.com is engaged with Orlan (in addition with the covering of Dubene-Balinov Gorun Affair and Snowden) indicates that multipersonality Orlan is probably just at the start of other violence activities especially having in mind how thirsty she is for money and for glory being under the umbrella of Putin’s Russia which is most popular with their spies spread everywhere and political pressure on countries like Bulgaria attempting Russian empire. However, Christmas time is a time of beauty and purification. Ugliness may exist around everybody, but if one resists and does not interact, it goes away. Giving a hand to ugliness is a demoralization of society.

The Aloft Harlem hosts Art In FLUX Pop Up Event

In New York, the nights may be getting a little colder lately, but it is not stopping art lovers from coming out and appreciating new collections. It appears like even more than ever that art consumers and spectators want to view painting, photographs and sculptures by veteran and upcoming artists. This shows that an appreciation for beauty an expression never goes out of style.

On the evening of December 3, 2013 Art In FLUX presented two Harlem artists, Andre Woolery and Ruben Natal-San Miguel, in the lobby of Aloft on their dedicated art walls. Aloft has a company-wide commitment to support the local artistic community by devoting space to presenting art. Art In FLUX hopes to utilize the Aloft Harlem space to present unique and compelling exhibits that create conversation and highlight the dynamic contemporary art culture in Harlem.

This inaugural exhibit at Aloft is titled NOTHING IS COLORPROOF after a piece by Andre Woolery of the same name. “Nothing is Colorproof” is a triptych of a gun shooting a swirling rainbow of colors. “A gun represents both chaos and order. In the chaos of my thoughts and ideas, color is the organizing order. It brings clarity to a vision. If my mind were the weapon and my ideas were the bullets… then color would be the force propelling it forward” states Andre. Both Andre and Ruben reflect on culture, race, and gender through their own mediums – paint & pushpins and photography, respectively. They each capture moments in time and exploit the use of color and light to convey a sense of hope. Ruben chronicles Harlem by photographing the people and the architecture that are the fabric of the community. Andre paints iconic images hoping to open our eyes to a new set of possibilities. Together these two artists open a window on our society and awaken our consciousness.

Holiday Art Open House

Join the holiday fun and cheer on Friday, December 13, 6-9 pm. This promises to be an exciting event! Century 21 Redwood Realty, located at Dupont Circle, has transformed its beautiful space into an art gallery featuring original artwork, holiday card making and signing, free artwork raffle and so much more…

This December Nataliya has teamed up with the Sitar Arts Center – a local non-profit that provides multidisciplinary arts education to the children and youth of Washington, DC. Sitar Arts Center’s Executive Director Maureen Dwyer is passionate about her students and excited about the holiday party. “The season of giving includes the joy of seeing a young child at Sitar Arts Center discovering their artistic gifts. For Sitar’s students, who come from under-resourced households, it is a gift that can transform the course of their life by preparing them with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. We are grateful at Sitar for a community that embraces our children and youth and sees their value today and throughout the year,” says Dwyer.

The students of the Center will showcase their hand made holiday greeting cards and help you make one right on the spot! The event will include:

6 pm – doors open – meet the featured artist Nataliya Andreyeva. Nataliya will showcase her new abstract series in acrylic and mixed media as well as her unique series of digital collages dedicated to history and evolution of the DC Metro rail system.

7-8 pm – students of the Sitar Arts center will showcase handmade holiday greeting cards. Have holiday card mail on your to-do list? This is the place and time for you to get or make your own unique card and mail it out!

8-9 pm – meet the artist continued. Several pieces of unique artwork and gifts will be raffled.

Nataliya is a true supporter and promoter of the Arts movement in the DMV. She is committed to donate 10% from art sales to benefit the art programs for the students of the Sitar Arts Center. Join the opening reception on Friday, December 13, 6-9 pm at a historic Century 21 Redwood building located at 17th and Q NW and meet the artist, students and staff of the Sitar Arts Center. Your support this holiday season will make a huge difference in arts funding in 2014!

The City is Sparkling And Bustling For First Friday

First Friday is always a special night in Lancaster but this month – December – it seems almost magical. It is nearly Christmas and the City is sparkling and bustling! While walking around the City, be sure to check out one of Santa’s Workshop! BUiLDiNG CHARACTER has transformed the Heritage Press Museum, in the 300 block of Queen Street, into the North Pole Print Shop. Do take your umbrella though. The forecast is wet.

Horse drawn carriage rides will be departing from Fulton Bank at Penn Square. Rides are offered on a first come first served basis from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Santa will be in the lobby of the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. where he will welcome little ones who want their photo taken with the jolly old elf himself!

Cylo’s Holiday Tree Farm features fresh cut Douglas and Frazier firs, priced under $40, from Clipper Magazine Stadium’s front parking lot. Trees are available Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Barnstormers’ team store will also be open, offering seasonal merchandise, stadium gift cards and special holiday ticket packages.

Art Galleries

Many galleries and artists will be exhibiting Christmas themes this month, including the Liz Hess Gallery. This year she will be featuring a Scandinavian Christmas. On First Friday she will officially unveil her touching watercolor titled “Gnome Nativity.”

Within Tellus360 is Gallery360. The Gallery will feature a juried landscape show this Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The show is a mixed media collection. Tellus360 is located at 24 East King Street.

The Demuth Museum will feature over 100 pieces from its Art in a Box program. This program teaches the students about Charles Demuth’s art and life in general here in Lancaster. The exhibit will continue to run through 29 December. The museum hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Admission will be by donation. The museum is located at 120 E King Street.

The Annex 24 Gallery is hosting its 6th Annual Winter Exposition. The gallery, located at 24 West Walnut Street, offers not only paintings but also note cards, jewelry, soaps and wearable textiles.

McCaskey art teacher Kassie Schelling is the featured guest artist for First Friday and the month of December at Franz Fox Studios and Gallery. She will be displaying paintings and her sculptures. The gallery is located at 136 North Prince Street.

The Lancaster Camera Club can often be found about town taking random photos. Friday they will at the Mulberry Art Studios, or at least their work will. Exceptional Photography is the name of the exhibit, which will feature photography of the Club. The studio is located at 19-21 North Mulberry Street.

“Skolos and Wedell: A Poster Retrospective,” continues through January at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCA&D). The exhibit features the work of Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell. PCA&D is handicapped accessible. The school is located at 204 N Prince Street.

The Ware Center has quite a bit going on for First Friday. Hempfield High School Baking students continue what has become an annual show with their decorated Gingerbread Houses. They will be displayed through 20 December. Susan Garofola will be there as well to display and talk about her wearable art. Garofola makes unique jewelry pieces, which will be available for sale on Friday as well. Four other artists will also have their work on display and available for sale. They are: contemporary artist Ann Lawson, realistic and surrealistic artist Jon Johnson, wooden and metal sculptor Jeff George, and modern artist Gail Gray. The Ware Center is located at 52 North Prince Street.

Food & Drink

The Lancaster Young Professionals will hold their First Friday Happy Hour at Aussie and The Fox, 38 West King Street. The mixer is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Miesse Candies Factory and Retail Shop will be hosting Pasty Chef Donna Lussier of La Petite Patisserie, on Friday. Holiday Bars and Cookies will be for sale. The shop is located at 118 North Water Street.

Walking around the City in December can make anyone cold. Warm up at Commonwealth on Queen with hot mulled spiced apple cider and cranberry spiced apple cider! Commonwealth on Queen is located at 301 North Queen Street.


The Historic Preservation Trust welcomes readers to visit the Shener-Ellicott-von Hess House this First Friday! The House, located at 123 N Prince Street, will be decorated for the holidays. It was here that Andrew Ellicott taught Meriwether Lewis navigation skills prior to the famous 1804 Lewis & Clark Expedition.

“We will have trees, wreaths, mantels with greenery, fires in the fireplaces and refreshments. Visitors are welcome to tour this finely restored example of Georgian architecture and its exhibits outlining the story of its restoration and most famous occupant, Andrew Ellicott,” said Lisa Horst, president of the Historic Preservation Trust, in a press release earlier this week.


Philadelphia businesswoman and author Judy Wicks will discuss her life experiences at the Ware Center at 5 p.m. She is expected to talk about her White Dog Café and the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. She will then sign copies of her new book titled, “Good Morning Beautiful Business.” The Ware Center is located at 42 North Prince Street. The Café is located at 3420 Sansom Street on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in Philadelphia.


Millersville University Choral ensembles, soloists and alumni will sing a variety of holiday songs in the lobby of the Ware Center, 24 North Prince Street.

Theater Zoetropolis will present Short Term 12 on 4-8 December. This production is told through the perspective of Grace, a young supervisor at a facility for at risk teens. Zoetropolis is located at 315 W James Street, at the corner of James and Mulberry Streets. Parking is available on Mulberry Street.